Court Sends Company Directors to Jail for Death of Warehouse Worker

A warehouse worker was moving merchandise using a device called an order picker, which had been modified to add an additional platform supported by the forks that was tack-welded to the manufacturer-equipped operator platform. The added platform didn’t have a guardrail around it and the worker using it wasn’t wearing fall protection or safety shoes. He was found dead on the floor from blunt force trauma to the head. An MOL investigation found multiple OHS violations, including no health and safety training and no provision of fall protection equipment. Two company directors pleaded guilty to failing, as directors, to take reasonable care to see that the corporation complied with the OHS laws and were sentenced to 25 days in jail each. The court also ordered them to take a health and safety course. The company pleaded guilty to two safety offences and was fined $250,000 [New Mex Canada Inc., Baldev Purba and Rajinder Saini, Govt. News Release, Jan. 13, 2015].