Contractor Fined $120,000 for Death of Worker Hit by Formwork Panel

As part of a road construction project, a contractor’s six-member crew was installing and removing pre-manufactured heavy steel panels used to form and hold concrete in place until the concrete has cured. While one panel was being hoisted away by a crane, an adjacent panel separated from the wall and fell on one of the workers. He suffered fatal crushing injuries. The MOL investigation determined that the training provided to the workers was insufficient. In addition, the panel manufacturer’s manual specified that the final tie rods shouldn’t be removed before the panel is hooked to the crane, which wasn’t done in this incident. This manual wasn’t on site and the workers hadn’t been trained on it. The contractor pleaded guilty to a training violation and was fined $120,000 [1256458 Ontario Ltd., Govt. News Release, Sept. 18, 2015].