Authorization for Ministry of Labour Working-at-Heights Training Check


Introduction: How to Use This Tool

The new working at heights training required in Ontario lasts only three years and has to be renewed by taking a “refresher” course approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). As the employer, you’re responsible for ensuring that workers have the required training and that it’s up to date before you allow them to use fall protection on a construction project. There are 2 ways to verify this: i. Ask them for their CPO certification card; or ii. Check the training database on the Ministry of Labour’s website. Caveat: You’ll need a worker’s authorization to collect their personal training information. Here’s a form you can use to get that authorization. Just be sure to adapt it for your own circumstances.







In accordance with Section 26.2(1.1) of the Ontario Construction Projects Regulations (O Reg 213/91), ABC Company must verify that you have successfully completed the working at heights safety training requirements of Ontario Regulation 297/13 (Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training).

ABC Company will not allow you to use a fall protection system unless and until we verify that you have received the required training that such training is valid and has not expired.

Please read and sign this form in the space provided below to authorize ABC Company to make this determination.


I, ____________, hereby authorize ABC Company to access my personal training information from the Ontario Ministry of Labour for the purposes of verifying that I have successfully completed the required working-at-heights safety training and that such training remains valid and has not expired.


______________________________________                __________________

Signature of Worker/Job Applicant                                         Date