Supervisors Compliance Centre

Supervisors are on the frontlines when it comes to workplace safety. They’re in the best position to spot hazards and ensure that workers are following safety procedures, wearing PPE, etc. In fact, in some jurisdictions, supervisors have specific duties under the OHS laws. But it’s not always easy to know who is considered a supervisor under OHS law. And supervisors may need special training.

Guidance and Insight

SUPERVISORS: 5 Dos & Don’ts for Avoiding Liability

If supervisors don’t fulfill their duties under the OHS laws, workers may get hurt—and both the supervisors and the company may face safety charges.

Preventing Falls from Ladders in Construction: A Guide to Training Site Supervisors

This Harvard guide will help you train site supervisors on effective ladder safety.

SUPERVISORS: What Special Training Must They Receive?

The OHS laws require employers to ensure that workers get adequate training and supervision. To provide adequate supervision, you must make sure that supervisors...

Supervisor Resources

Some jurisdictions provide guidelines and other resources for supervisors. Here are links to some of those resources: FED: Managers and Supervisors Training BC: Managing...

SUPERVISORS: Who in Your Workplace Can Be Liable as a Supervisor?

Prosecution of supervisors for safety violations...


Supervisor Orientation Checklist

The checklist covers the knowledge and skills supervisors may need to protect workers and fulfill their OHS duties.

Supervisor Competency Checklist

Benefits Training supervisors on their duties under the OHS laws as well as the workplace’s OHS program, including its safe work procedures and rules,...

Maintenance Shop Supervisor – Model Job Description


Model Notice of Supervisor Duties

A model notice you can use to help you reinforce your supervisors' awareness of their safety responsibilities.

Reinforcing Supervisors’ Awareness of Their Safety Responsibilities

A gym’s general manager was convicted, as a supervisor, of four OHS violations, including obstructing a safety inspector, and was fined $25,000 . ...