Mobile Phones and Other Electronics

The use of standard job-related equipment such as saws, conveyors and forklifts in the workplace can expose workers to hazards and employers to liability. But employers also need to be aware of the hazards posed by the use of innocuous, personal devices, such as cell phones and iPods . Such electronic devices pose hazards both in the workplace and when workers are driving on company business. That’s why you need a policy on the use of cell phones and another policy on music devices.

Guidance and Insights

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Distracted Walking Safety Tips

You know distracted driving is dangerous. But what about distracted walking? Here are some tips to keep your workers safe and alert.

Dispatcher Was Playing Game on Cell Phone Before German Train Crash

German prosecutors claim that a train dispatcher's playing of a game on his cell phone caused two trains to collide, killing 11 and injuring 80.

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6 Distracted Walking Safety Tips

Using cell phones is dangerous not only while driving but also while walking. Here are 6 safety tips to protect workers from the hazards of distracted walking.

11 Major Lawsuits Involving Employee Distracted Driving

Slideshow: Court cases establishing employer liability for employee mobile phone use while driving


Handout on Mobile Devices on Worksites

Adapt this handout for your OHS program and give it to workers as a supplement to a safety or toolbox talk on the use of mobile devices on the job.

Model Distracted Driving Policy

BENEFITS Keeping your workers from using cell phones while they drive is an important safety measure. Although no statute or regulation in Canada requires...


A Model Cell Phone Use Policy that you can download, adapt and use at your company.


A model policy that you can adapt which helps you create a clear, fair and enforceable written policy on the use of music devices in your workplace.