Flu and Pandemic Planning Compliance Centre

It’s crucial that your work place is prepared for the flu outbreak, or worse, an unsual pandemic.

1. First you need to convince senior management that pandemic and flu planning are essential.

2. Once you have management support, you should create a plan for dealing with a flu outbreak or pandemic should one happen, making sure the plan doesn’t violate workers’ privacy rights.

3. You should also take steps to protect workers from getting sick in the first place, such as by setting up a workplace flu vaccine clinic.

Guidance and Insight

WORKPLACE ILLNESSES: 5 Dos & Don’ts for Flu Season

Here are five dos and don’ts to help you ensure that your company and its workforce is adequately prepared for the upcoming flu season.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: 6 Hygiene Rules to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

Cold and flu season is almost here. So take steps now to keep your workers healthy—and prevent them from getting their co-workers sick when they’re not.

‘Tis the Sneezin’ – Does the Flu Give Rise to the Right to Refuse...

This flu season, workers may try to refuse to work due to fears of getting sick. Can they?
OHS obligations and the flu virus

OHSA Obligations and The Flu Virus

Ontario OHS lawyer Deanah Shelly looks at employers' duties under the OHS law when it comes to the flu.

Spot the Safety Violation: Proper Coughing Etiquette

It’s cold and flu season. What simple thing should this worker be doing to avoid infecting other people?


Model Pandemic Flu Policy

Adapt this model policy for your company to ensure all staff know what to do and expect in a pandemic influenza outbreak.


PRIMARY SOURCE Before you use this tool, you should look at Hold Flu Clinics in the Workplace for more information. BENEFITS Employers have a duty to protect...

Flu Preparedness Checklist

Use this Checklist to organize your pandemic planning preparations and evaluate their comprehensiveness and effectiveness.

Avian Influenza Screening Form – Model Questionnaire