Firing of Worker for Threats & Harassment Was Justified


A worker told a co-worker named Imran in front of others, “If you have a fucking problem, we can take it outside.” Imran told the supervisor that the worker had just threatened him, which the worker admitted. The supervisor told him to leave and he did. But 15 minutes later, he sent the supervisor a text saying, “Fuck Imran.” Imran filed a complaint about this incident and a prior one in which the worker had harassed him. After an investigation, the employer fired the worker—and an arbitrator upheld his firing. The worker denied making any threats or using abusive language to Imran, despite the fact there were witnesses. Although he apologized to the employer, he didn’t apologize to Imran. So although he’d been an employee for 12 years, the arbitrator found that his firing was justified [Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. v. Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 100m, [2016] CanLII 84460 (ON LA), Nov. 11, 2016].