Company Is Fined $115,000 for Failing to Properly Secure Heavy Device on Stands

A worker was seriously injured when his hand became trapped between the concrete floor and a 4,900-pound drive assembly that fell from its support stands in a company’s heavy equipment maintenance shop. The device had been placed on three support stands and tested to see if it was safely balanced. But the test was done while it was still attached to an overhead crane. It wasn’t solidly secured after part of the drive unit was removed. The weight distribution of the remaining axle assembly changed, causing it to become unstable and fall off the stands. The company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that machinery, equipment or material that may tip or fall and endanger any worker is secured against tipping or falling. The court fined it $115,000 [Toromont Industries Ltd., Govt. News Release, Jan. 5, 2017].