The lengthy and storied judicial history of the environmental prosecutions […]


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Ergonomics in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) focuses on optimizing the interaction between workers and their work environment to enhance safety, comfort, and productivity. It involves designing workspaces, tools, and tasks to fit the capabilities and limitations of the human body. OHS guidelines stress the importance of ergonomic assessments to identify potential risks related to posture, repetitive motions, or improper equipment design that could lead to musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. Implementing ergonomic solutions such as adjustable workstations, proper seating, ergonomic tools, and training on correct body mechanics helps reduce the risk of injuries, improves efficiency, and promotes a healthier and safer work environment for employees.

Task Design Ergonomic Assessment Checklist

Tailor physical tasks to individuals, not the other way around. […]

Office Ergonomics Checklist

BENEFITS Certain workplaces, such as construction sites, manufacturing operations and […]

Ergonomics Requirements – Know the Laws of Your Province

In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Yukon, MSI prevention and ergonomics requirements are implied rather than spelled out in regulations.

Ergonomics Policy

PURPOSE In pursuit of its commitment to maintain a safe […]

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