Transportation/ Traffic/ Driving

Transportation, traffic, and driving safety in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) realm encompass the risks associated with vehicles used within or around workplaces. This includes company vehicles, forklifts, and other machinery used for transportation purposes. OHS guidelines stress the importance of safe driving practices, including proper training for vehicle operators, adherence to speed limits, and the use of seat belts and other safety restraints. Regular vehicle maintenance and inspections are critical to ensure optimal functionality and minimize the risks of accidents or breakdowns. Furthermore, establishing clear traffic routes, implementing traffic control measures, and providing adequate signage contribute to creating a safer working environment by reducing the chances of collisions or incidents involving moving vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

BENEFITS Anyone who operates a motor vehicle as part of […]

Traffic Control Planning & Preparation Checklist

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Traffic Hazards Management & Control Policy

INTRODUCTION Being struck by moving vehicles, powered mobile equipment or […]

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA) is a kind […]

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