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Machine Guarding Quiz


QUESTION What are the responsibilities for employers in providing a safe workplace and safe equipment? ANSWER Provide proper information, instruction and supervisor such as training in lockout and guarding procedures.

Machine Guarding Quiz2022-04-05T12:12:11-07:00

Lockout/Tagout Quiz


QUESTION Name the three basic elements of a Lockout/ Tagout Program? ANSWER Written procedure Training  Periodic audits WHY IS IT RIGHT LOCKOUT/TAGOUT PROCEDURES APPLY AS FOLLOWS: Workers are servicing and

Lockout/Tagout Quiz2022-04-05T12:06:35-07:00

Leadership Quiz


QUESTION What are the skills and qualities that good leadership reflects? ANSWER Active listing  Patience Empathy Positivity Reliability Team building WHY IS IT RIGHT SHAPING THE MODEL OF LEADERSHIP The

Leadership Quiz2022-04-05T11:57:58-07:00

Lead Quiz


QUESTION What is the most effective way to prevent exposure to a hazardous material like lead? ANSWER Generally, elimination or substitution is the preferred choice (most protective) at the top

Lead Quiz2022-04-04T15:58:05-07:00

Ladders Quiz


QUESTION When placing or setting up the ladder for use what are two important rules that you must be aware of? ANSWER The two rules are: Extend the ladder three

Ladders Quiz2022-04-04T15:52:18-07:00

Injury / Illness Quiz


QUESTION What are the basic elements of an injury/illness prevention program? ANSWER Management leadership. Worker participation. Hazard identification and assessment.  Hazard prevention and control. Education and training. Program evaluation and

Injury / Illness Quiz2022-04-04T14:55:48-07:00

Horseplay Quiz


QUESTION What is horseplay? ANSWER Horseplay is rough or boisterous play or pranks that occur at the workplace. Horseplay can be activities such as joking that includes physical contact, playing

Horseplay Quiz2022-04-04T13:50:19-07:00

Hearing Loss Quiz


QUESTION What are the methods and procedures to control and reduce workers exposure to noise in the workplace? ANSWER Engineering controls  Administrative Controls  Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs) Effective Hearing Conservation

Hearing Loss Quiz2022-04-04T13:39:22-07:00

GHS Quiz


QUESTION In conformity with Globally Harmonized System of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS), Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), requires labels have the following elements once the hazard classification is completed.

GHS Quiz2022-04-02T07:49:57-07:00

Forklifts Quiz


QUESTION What are the OSHA requirements to operate a forklift? ANSWER OSHA will provide certification, unless one of the following requirements is missing: You’ve been observed operating the forklift in

Forklifts Quiz2022-04-02T07:37:20-07:00

Food Service Quiz


QUESTION Food Service workers work include waiters as well as counter attendants, dining room attendants, hosts, fast food workers, kitchen assistants. These workers take customers' orders, serve food and beverages,

Food Service Quiz2022-04-02T07:23:46-07:00

First Aid Quiz


QUESTION What is the goal of First – Aid in the workplace? ANSWER Preserve Life Administer the correct first aid to save a casualty´s life Provide the correct treatment for

First Aid Quiz2022-04-02T07:15:19-07:00

Fire Extinguishers Quiz


QUESTION Name the three ways effective fire extinguisher use has impacted our society both domestically and commercially? ANSWER Effective fire extinguisher use has: Extinguished fires  Saved lives Protected property WHY

Fire Extinguishers Quiz2022-04-01T15:03:19-07:00

Fatigue Quiz


QUESTION What are the signs and symptoms of fatigue in workers? ANSWER Supervisors and workers must be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of fatigue that include: Tiredness or sleepiness

Fatigue Quiz2022-04-01T14:57:30-07:00
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