Ontario’s primary industries include manufacturing, finance, technology, and natural resources. Manufacturing spans various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, contributing significantly to the provincial economy. Finance and technology thrive in urban centers like Toronto, with a booming financial district and a growing tech industry known as the “Silicon Valley of the North.” Natural resources like mining, forestry, and agriculture also play a role, particularly in regions outside major cities. Working conditions vary widely: manufacturing and tech offer diverse roles in urban settings, while natural resource industries often involve physically demanding work, especially in mining and forestry. Ontario’s economic diversity provides a wide range of job opportunities with varying skill sets and working environments.

Important Dates:
Mar. 31 – workers comp 2024 payroll filing deadline (Schedule 1 employers)

OHS Policy Statement (Ontario Version)

OHS laws require all companies to have an OHS policy, […]

OHS & Workers’ Comp Workplace Posting Requirements Checklist ? Ontario

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at […]

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OHS Fines Scorecard for 2024 (March 16 to April 10)

Despite relatively low volume, the year’s 2 biggest OHS fines were reported during the period.

OHS Fines Scorecard for 2024 (April 11 to May 15)

Mid-April to mid-May was the biggest month of the year for reported OHS fines.

Workplace Violence – 2023 Year in Review

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Workplace Harassment – 2023 Year in Review

FEDERAL Jan 30: Canada officially ratified International Labour Organization Convention 190, the [...]

Work Injuries – 2023 Year in Review

ALBERTA Jun 30: According to the Alberta WCB’s Annual Report for 2022, year-over-year lost-time [...]

WHMIS – 2023 Year in Review

 FEDERAL Dec 15: From now through Feb. 23, Health Canada will field public comments on a proposal [...]

Transportation Safety – 2023 Year in Review

FEDERAL Dec 21: On the roads, quiet can be dangerous. That’s why Transport Canada issued new [...]

Training – 2023 Year in Review

BRITISH COLUMBIA Jul 25: The British Columbia Institute of Technology received a $3.3 million [...]

Return to Work – 2023 Year in Review

BRITISH COLUMBIA Jul 17: From now through September 1, WorkSafeBC will be holding public [...]

Privacy – 2023 Year in Review

FEDERAL Feb 27: The Treasury Board banned federal government workers from downloading or using the [...]

PPE – 2023 Year in Review

FEDERAL Aug 1: The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) announced plans to update [...]

OHS Enforcement – 2023 Year in Review

MANITOBA Dec 18: Since April 1, Manitoba has carried out 4,343 WSH inspections, resulting in the [...]

Noise Hazards – 2023 Year in Review

ALBERTA Dec 9: Alberta is reducing the threshold for when employers must perform a workplace noise [...]

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