C-65 Workplace Violence & Harassment Compliance Checklist

The to-do list you must complete by January 1, 2021 to comply with Bill C-65

Employers who are federally regulated have a long list of things to do to ensure compliance with the new Bill C-65 workplace violence and harassment regulations that take effect on January 1, 2021. To help you make the transition, here’s a Checklist of the adjustments to your current and new workplace violence and harassment measures you’ll need to take before the deadline.

Enlist an Applicable Partner

Keep in mind that Bill C-65 requires a joint effort between the employer and a so called “applicable partner,” defined as either a member of the joint health and safety committee (JHSC) or the health and safety representative (HSR) if there is no JHSC at the workplace. The federal regulations don’t specifically require that the JHSC member be a worker representative. However, they do specify that in case of disagreement between the employer and applicable partner, the employer has the final word.