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Now it’s Easy to Comply with New Ontario Workplace Violence & Harassment Law!

Complete Ontario Workplace Violence & Harassment Compliance Kit tells you everything you need to know about the new Law – plus, gives you model forms, model policies, and the crystal-clear help to set up a workplace violence program in your company.

Dear Safety Manager:

The new Ontario Workplace Violence & Harassment Law — just enacted – requires Ontario companies to comply with tough new worker protections.

Under the new law, you have just 6 months from the date of Royal Assent to assess the risk of violence in your workplace … prepare written violence and harassment policies … establish programs to implement those policies … train workers on the new policies and programs – and more.

To give you the help you need to comply with the new law, we are now releasing our new Ontario Workplace Violence & Harassment Compliance Kit. This Kit comes to you FREE with your new subscription to Safety Compliance Insider.

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#1 Emergency Special Report on the New Ontario Workplace Violence & Harassment Law

This valuable Special Report tells you everything you need to know about the new law. Here’s just a sample:

  • It gives you a quick, easy-to-read overview of the new Workplace Violence & Harassment Law and tells you what you need to know to comply with the new provisions
  • It explains the specific steps your company is required to take to meet the new requirements in 7 key areas
  • It explains the new written policies you must put into place – tells you what the policies must cover – how frequently they must be reviewed – and how they must be communicated to employees
  • It gives you a Model Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy you can quickly adapt to your workplace – this valuable model policy alone can save you countless hours of work and help you comply with the law
  • It explains the new requirements for companies to set up a Violence Program and a Harassment Program and what must be included in those programs
  • It alerts you to the new risk assessment requirements – tells you how to conduct a risk assessment – provides a Model Worker Violence Survey and a Model Supervisor Violence Survey you can use in your risk assessment
  • It explains the new rights of employees to refuse work based on the risk of workplace violence – gives the 9 common traps companies fall into when dealing with work refusals and tells you how to avoid them
  • It highlights the new law’s provisions that require employers to take reasonable precautions to protect workers from domestic violence if they are aware – or reasonably ought to be aware – that violence could occur in the workplace
  • And much more


#2 Special Report on Workplace Violence: How to Keep Your Employees Safe & Protect
Your Company from Liability

This information-packed 56-page Special Report covers what you need to know to recognize workplace violence … have the correct policies and procedures if an incident occurs … train your employees about workplace violence … take the right steps to limit company legal risk and liability – and much more. Here’s just sample of the help you get:

  • The 5 types of liability you and your company could face when there is an incident at your company
  • Specific case-by-case examples of violations for each of the 5 types of liability you and your company are exposed to
  • A step-by-step plan designed to help youand your company limit or avoid liability for Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • 6 model surveys, policies, notices and briefings to help you assess your risk and then implement a Workplace Violence/Harassment Policy
  • Briefings for Senior Management that outline the company’s liability and your personal liability
  • Practical how-to help on conducting a Workplace Violence/Harassment Risk Assessment-with Model Surveys for workers and supervisors
  • Easy-to-use compliance strategies for drafting a Workplace Violence/Harassment Policy that uniquely suits your company
  • What-to-do and how-to-do-it help on when and how to discipline workers for Workplace Violence/Harassment
  • Plain-English guidance on when terminating the offending worker could lead to ‘Wrongful Dismissal’ lawsuits and other fines
  • Clear-cut help on why a “Zero Tolerance” policy just won’t work under Canadian Law
  • A step-by-step guide on how to evaluate a specific incident and decide on the correct response
  • An example of the one blind spot in most Workplace Violence/Harassment policies that could lead to thousands of dollars in fines-and exactly how to fix it
  • What the specific financial arguments for a comprehensive Workplace Violence/Harassment policy are and the best way to explain them to your Senior Management
  • A breakdown of real life cases that shows you specific examples of what constitutes ‘Just Cause’ and what doesn’t
  • And Much More!

This Special Report is the fastest and easiest way to protect your employees, comply with the law and avoid massive fines and legal headaches

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