Biggest Occupational Health And Safety Challenges

Finding New & Compliant Materials Managing Safety Equipment (PPE) Staying Up To Date With OHS Compliance Regulations Creating & Updating OHS Policies & Procedures

Don’t Waste Time & Energy by Recycling That Same Old Safety Material

76% of OHS Professionals think employees are more interested in their phones than their safety message. OHS Insider is the largest online library of occupational health and safety material. You can access accurate & compliant OHS materials at the click of a button and find out what our members are reporting… that OHS Insiders training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging. What’s more, it’s customized for your industry!

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If you are like all the other people responsible for occupational health & safety, you might..

In 2018, we surveyed over 3,000 supervisors, managers, directors, and executives that were primarily responsible for OHS compliance and training to establish a baseline for key metrics, common issues, and more.

In 2021, we updated our State of Safety Survey, and weren’t surprised by the findings.

What Component Of OHS Compliance Do You Find The Most Difficult'

Gaining Management’s Support

Getting senior management to invest in safety programs and initiatives can be challenging. Management usually understands that it must invest in taking the steps needed to comply with the OHS laws and regulations—but it may not be willing to go beyond minimal compliance efforts. Showing the benefits of exceeding minimal standards often falls on the shoulders of a safety professional.

Unfortunately, trying to get the support of senior management by making abstract arguments about the various benefits of voluntary safety initiatives isn’t likely to get you very far.

However, using case studies that show how other companies have implemented the actions that you are trying to recommend and displaying the benefits from doing so, might favour you slightly more.

Access several case studies and other resources that you can use to get senior management’s support for different kinds of health and safety programs and initiatives.

Down 52%, representing a savings of about $244,420 over 23 months.

Do Your Due Diligence

How confident are you that you could prove your due diligence if you were facing a workplace harassment case’ What about if you were facing a serious OHS violation & fine due to inadequate WHMIS training and missed deadlines’

Non-compliance is expensive, not only with fines, but legal costs can be crippling.

As an OHS professional, you know how critical it is that you do your due diligence and stay compliant with not only the legislation but case law as well. This is why OHS Insider, has put together the 2021 Due Diligence Report to ensure you haven’t missed anything!

Employers won on a due diligence defence in only 2 of 19 OHS cases in 2020.

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Our clients include such organizations as OK Tire, Loblaws Incorporated, Manulife Insurance, Bell Canada, Chevron Corporation and the Vancouver Canucks. Why’ Because they know that the right safety training and methods can reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve culture.

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