Ask The Expert: JHSC Certification Training in Alberta


What’s the story with JHSC certification training in Alberta? Should we be providing such training now?




For those of you not familiar with the Alberta situation, Bill 30, which took effect in June, requires employers and prime contractors to ensure JHSC co-chairs and health and safety representatives get training about the duties and functions of their role (OHS Act, Sec 29(1)). The OHS Code (Sec. 201) specifies that such training must be provided by an organization designated by the Minister, i.e., government.

The Minister is in the process of developing a list of approved providers and training criteria and will post the info on its website once it’s done–which it says will be “soon.” But until then, it’s warning employers to “be wary of organizations offering training before the criteria and provider list is available.” Translation: If you provide training now, you run the risk that the trainer and/or program won’t be approved and you’ll need to provide it again.