Ask The Expert: Inspection of Portable Fire Extinguishers


Is it mandatory for our plant to do monthly visual inspections to ensure fire extinguishers are in working condition? Would you please point out the specific Ontario OHS regulation saying that?


Yes, monthly inspection is required under the OHS Regulation for Industrial Establishments (Reg. 851), which covers manufacturing plants.


* Section 123(1) of Reg. 851) says Ontario Fire Code requirements for fire extinguishers apply at industrial establishments.
* Fire Code Section says portable extinguishers must be inspected monthly.
* Additionally, Section of the Fire Code says that maintenance and testing of portable extinguishers must comply with NFPA 10, “Portable Fire Extinguishers,” and regular monthly inspection is part of NFPA 10.

(To look up OHS fire extinguisher inspection requirements in each jurisdictionhttps://ohsinsider.com/topics/fire-explosives/fire-prevention-response-how-to-implement-a-portable-fire-extinguisher-safety-program)