60% of Workplaces Have Been Subjected to a Safety Inspection

The agencies or ministries that enforce the OHS laws across Canada are getting more aggressive in going after violations. For example, many conduct inspection blitzes targeting specific industry sectors or types of violations. In fact, based on a recent poll conducted by the OHS Insider, 60% of workplaces have had a safety inspection.

Specifically, when we asked if your workplace been subject to a safety inspection by the government, you said:

  • No (37%)
  • Only a few times (26%)
  • Only after an incident (17%)
  • It’s regularly inspected (17%)
  • I’m not sure (3%).

How the people in your workplace respond when an OHS inspector appears can impact its results. For example, failing to cooperate with the inspector or actively blocking his efforts could lead to obstruction and other safety charges.

So it’s critical that you understand how to properly deal with OHS inspectors, including what you should—and shouldn’t—do when they’re in your workplace.

This special report gives tips for handling inspections, mistakes to avoid and how to go about appealing any orders an inspector may issue when he’s done.

The OHS Insider has additional resources to help you deal with OHS inspectors, including: