5 New OHS Safety Laws You Must Prepare for in 2020

Recorded Date: Jan 22, 2020

Presenter: Glenn Demby Esq.

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About the Webinar

What you did in 2019 won’t be enough to keep your organization compliant in 2020. OHS laws are changing and changing fast. For many of you, the biggest compliance challenge will be posed by the significant new workplace harassment requirements taking effect in many jurisdictions. You will also need to be on top of the “harmonization” and other OHS regulatory changes of your province affecting everything from respiratory protection to traffic control. In addition to the new statutes and regulations, courts and arbitrators are drawing new lines on workplace drug testing and discipline that employers will need to be aware of to deal with the fallout from marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, OHS inspectors and prosecutors continue to apply the pressure. It’s a lot to deal with. But come spend an hour with us and we’ll break it all down–and offer a broader perspective on trends that have been shaping and will continue to shape OHS law in 2020.

About the Speaker

Glenn Demby is a teacher trapped in a lawyer’s body. Regrettably, he came to this realization only after 5+ years of grueling Wall Street corporate practice during which he earned massive amounts of money but had no time to spend them. In 1991, he found his calling as a legal journalist with a unique talent in helping business professionals keep their organizations compliant. Glenn has won numerous journalism awards recognizing his work in explaining highly complex regulation in plain English and offering actionable, easy-to-implement practical solutions. Glenn is now at peace with his career choices and his only regret in life is going to see the newest Star Wars movie